Effective use of Bio Fertilisers

Saturday, July 4, 2009
Application of Bio fertilizers at root zone of any Horticulture plant:
Composition for 100 plants:
250 Kgs of F.Y.M +
60 Kg Ground Nut cake +
30 kg Neem cake +
4 kgs of Trichoderma Viridi +
2 kgs of Pseudomonus +
2 kgs of Azospirillum +
2 kgs of Phosphobacterium (Bascillus megaterium)

Mix all the above items by sprinkling water and keep it in shade for 7 to 10 days. Maintain moisture daily by covering the heap with moist gunny bag.

350 grams of the above mixture for big plants and 200 grams for small plants.

Irrigate immediately and maintain moisture for better microbial growth.


  • Allvira

    Thanks for the ingredient for Horticulture plants. I'll keep in mind.


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    Hi Alvira,

    Thanks for your comment.Please visit http://agrowmania.blogspot.com/ for more details about the use of Bio fertilisers.

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